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True Love Couple

True Love Couple Tattoo Designs: Lovely Expression of Bond

Tattooing as one of the categories of body art has been of significant importance as a way of showing people’s personalities. Other people decide to get inked to symbolize love and the union between two people because tattoos are also special to couples. Some of the most popular tattoo designs are associated with true love because they depict the couple’s union. Whether you are designing your first pair of matching ink or considering getting another addition to the pair, here are amazing and symbolic true love couple tattoo designs.

1. Infinity Symbols | True Love Couple

Infinity is one of the most popular symbols as lovers say it represents ‘till death do us part,’ and the fact that it has no end indicates that it is endless and phenomenal. Husbands and wives opt to use this design to show that their love is endless. Infinity tattoos can be minimalistic or combined with names, dates, or other significant signs or symbols.

2. Lock and Key

Now, the lock and key tattoo set shows the perfect combination of two people always completing each other’s puzzle. It literally means one partner puts on the lock while the other wears the key; hence, they are the only couple that can fit well together. The following design is an example of a romantic and appealing design at the same time.

3. King and Queen Crowns

Crowns represent kings and queens, dominion, and might. It’s carried out that when the couple gets matching king and queen crown tattoos they are saying that they own each other’s heart. It is still possible to engrave on it initials, and dates, or combine them with something else, for instance, roses or hearts.

4. Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle piece tattoos are a sweet and inventive way to express that you and your beloved are two puzzle pieces of the same set. One tie with the other as the teeth fit in the gum, and all the pieces are complementary, giving a complete set. Two of these styles may itself be elaborate or minimal, and they can incorporate text like initials or dates of significance.

5. Heartbeat/ECG Lines

For instance, the heartbeat tattoo which is also referred to as the electrocardiogram line symbolizes life and energy. When intended as the couple tattoo, it means that the hearts here are united and will beat in unison. This design can be plain or decorated with the initials and dates as a special touch.

6. Anchor Tattoos

The fact of using anchors as a logo is a great idea because this element signifies stability, strength, and grounding. In the context of couples, an anchor tattoo may express the meaning of the couples being each other’s safe haven. This design is best combined with the ropes, ships, or waves because these images are associated with seamen.

7. Birds in Flight

Tattoos that feature birds are a lovely example of symbols that are associated with concepts of freedom, love, and relationships. Two birds flying together may represent a man and a woman and their desire to live a similar life. Examples are love birds, true love couples, swallows, and doves.

8. Sun and Moon

The meaning of sun and moon tattoo design is a perfect symbol most couples love to have since it conveys the balance of two people. The primary meaning of the sun is identified to mean light, energy, and vivacity while the secondary meaning of the moon is said to mean serenity, instinct, and murkiness. Altogether, both of them depict the fact that in a loving relationship, two people help each other and complement each other.

9. Coordinates

The utilization of coordinates tattoos could be a deeply symbolic way of honoring a specific location that has personal and sentimental value in the couple’s relationship. It could be the place you first met, where you first went on a date, or where you changed your status to being married. This one is uniquely yours and still classic.

10. Quotes and Phrases

So can quotes or phrases that reflect something you have with your partner, and that is why a tattoo often reflects a personal choice. Words, which can come from a favorite song, or a book, or which can be as simple as “forever” will constantly remind each other about the promise.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Couple Tattoo

Meaningful Symbolism: Opt for a design that the two of you cherish and have a special unique meaning to both of you. I think the best tattoos should have a meaning, which can be a symbol for the pair or describe something about the two of you.

Personal Style: Make sure that the tattoo represents the two of your styles. Tattoo ideas may be proposed by the two of you and with the tattoo artist so that the design you will have is something you both like.

Placement: Think about when you want to get the tattoo done and where is the most preferable region. Some people prefer the area unknown to many people while others prefer it well-known. Talk about placement so that both should agree on where they are to be placed.

Research Artists: Check out the artists that you want to tattoo you and ensure that they are professional and more importantly specialize in the type of tattoo you want. Review some of their previous works to be convinced that he or she can execute that vision to your exact specifications.

Future-Proof Design: Regarding the conception of the body inscription, it is worth pondering long-term when selecting a symbol. It is best to choose something not topical, and something that both of you will cherish for many years to come.


Getting true love couple tattoo designs is always a perfect way of making your relationship the most special. This is true whether you decide to draw a small symbol or a large design, it all has to do with the meaning of it. Sharing the same vision will help publicize a design that the two of you will be proud to show to the world as a symbol of your love and loyalty. Therefore, do not rush, make the right decision, and let the tattoo be the symbol of your unfading devotion.


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